September 29, 2008

Philipine News Update "Chinese-Pilipino Names"

This post is for all Filipinos around the world. A friend of mine forwarded me this email with the list of names. This is funny because when a Filipino read the names he or she would get it that the names mean something funny in Filipino language. I was laughing out loud while reading this forwarded email. Thanks to my friend who shared this to me.

I hope you enjoy reading it!!! Who knows you may pick one of these names to name your baby......


Born during the night = Andy Lim

Born blind = Kenneth Sy

Born swindled = Lino Co

Born while cooking = Nilo Toh

Born as 10th child = Sam Po

Born while being courted = Lily Gaw

Born fat = Bob Uy

Born little = Kathy Ting

Born different = Eva Yan

Born with porridge = Lino Gaw 

Born looking for someone = Allen Sia

Born while counterfeiting = Faye King

Born on Sunday = Lyn Go

Born with malice = Mali Sia

Born during a quarrel = Ally Tan

Born with picture = Lara Wan

Born with sweets = Ken Dy

Born undefined = Sam Ting

Born while taking a bath = Lily Go

Born not to take a bath = Dina Lily Go

Born while buying = Bill Lee

Born secretly = Tina Go

Born to fart = Otto Tin

Born Ugly = Kaw Yan

Born abnormal = Sam Ting Wong

May reklamo ka? = Nat Ting!